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Hey Vash lovers!

Hey everyone! I'm kinda new to live journal. Vash is the coolest anime character ever created! I have seen every Trigun episode and have each one on DVD. I've tried to draw Vash but I'm terrible. If anyone can draw Vash really well pleeeease draw me a picture! Or somebody add me to their friends list because I only have three friends on this site.
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Welcome to the community! This place is finally getting more members.

*remembers the time when this place was deserted*

Anyways, I added you. Only a few of my LJ friends update regularly these days. ^_^; and me back!
Ok thanx! I don't update much either but I'll try.
Welcome to the community! Sorry for the late welcome, my computer's been broken. I'm not too good at drawing, but I'll work at it, and see what I can do for ya, okay?
Welcome to the community! ^_^
Hello! *waves* I'm new to the community too. Nice to meet fellow fans of the donut-loving blondie