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Vash community, yip-yip yipee! I think I first saw Vash when I actually stayed up late one night to watch Adult Swim or what-not and I was like "Ooooomigawsh...he's awesome." So I kept watching until they took it off the air (Damn those ego-tistical not understanding media corporations that take away the anime and put on some stupid show called The Boondocks or 12 oz. Mouse) But I ended up getting some of the music from the show and I currently have the first 2 DVD sets on their way in the mail (Bless the US Postal Service!) because, unfortunately, i am only 16 and I have no credit card nor a..uhm...well a job that I work at just about everyday because I have to be in marching band and that sucks away much of my life, (i still love it though). I love Vash..and his hair..and his coat, the big long red coat thingy, you just have to love it.
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